Time & Attendance

  • Clocking in Machine

    Our TM-100 Clocking in Machine features a compact design and is ideal for the office, shop, workplace, restaurants, Pubs, Bistro’s, food outlets and small Businesses requiring accurate cost effective management of employees time and attendance.

  • Calculating Clocking in Machine

    The TM-200 Calculating Clocking in Machine adds up employees clockings and clearly prints the total on the time card.

  • Time & Date Stamp

    The TP-300 is a new ideal choice for every business application you want to record time, date and/or numbering.

  • Fingerprint Clocking System

    The TM-500 is a portable, user-friendly fingerprint attendance machine suitable for small and mid-size companies. You will be pleasantly surprised by the simple operation and easy of use. No more troublesome installation of software, simply connect a USB Memory stick when you wish to upload or download the employee attendance data.

    £149.99 £144.99
  • Face Recognition Clocking System

    The TM-600 is a user-friendly, portable face recognition and fingerprint time attendance system suitable for small and mid-size companies. No more troublesome installation of software, simply connect a USB Memory stick when you want to upload or download employee attendance data.

  • Time Trax EZ Swipe – Complete System

    It’s important for a business to keep accurate attendance data about its employees. This is made easy with the Time Trax EZ Swipe card system, making it simple for your employees to clock in and out. For your convenience, data is quick and easy to view right on your PC. This machine is ready to accommodate up to 25 employees and is available in USB or Ethernet versions.

    £279.99 £259.99
  • Time Trax EZ Proximity – Complete System

    Clock your employees in and out without contact using proximity cards or Fobs and view attendance data quickly and easily on your PC. Accommodates 25 employees out of the box and is available in both USB and Ethernet versions.

  • Time Trax Bio – Complete System

    This all new biometric time clock unites a simple to use time and attendance system with biometric technology to quickly identify employees.  The state of the art scanner stores a unique finger scan that eliminates “buddy-punching” and the need for time cards, keys or badges.

  • Time Trax Proximity – Complete System

    The  Time Trax Elite Proximity unites powerful Microsoft Windows based software for reporting & exporting, with convenient proximity technology to quickly clock employees in and out of work utilising badges or fobs.