Real-Time Fleet Tracking;
No Contract Necessary

A vehicle and asset tracking system that requires no contract or subscription.
Our system effortlessly reports real-time location data from anywhere in the world.

Full Playback Functionality

Follow the roadmap of a particular vehicle to determine its usage such as whether it’s staying on task, or where it’s headed next.

Live Alerts & Notifications

Your entire first year of tracking data will include unlimited email alerts of your vehicle and asset tracking devices.

Export Data to Excel

Our excel reports are so detailed that you can use them for business briefings, handouts, or simply to track your fleet growth.

International Multi-Network Sim Card

By using the power of the cloud and premium mobile technologies, we’re able to give you a fully-tuned tracking system that’s accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Find out how our solutions can provide your business with coverage from over 196 GSM mobile network providers worldwide.

A first class global
tracking system

The business world is a busy place that requires flexibility, mobility and accessibility to stay ahead of the competition. At Fleeter, we give you the power to track your entire fleet of vehicles without a subscription or a contract. Simply purchase your Fleeter tracker and receive one full year of data tracking; after which it only costs £40 per year thereafter, or simply switch data providers and continue tracking with Fleeter free-of-charge.

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Start monitoring your fleet right-away..

  • Plug & Play OBD Tracker

    This tracker is the first true plug and play tracker in the UK market with no installation required. The tracker plugs into your vehicles’ on-board diagnostic port.

  • Hard Wired Tracker

    Simply connect the tracker to a 12v power souce by wiring the red and black wires to your battery and away you go, no antennas, no setup just switch on and track on your PC, iPad or smartphone. Perfect solution for fleet cars, plant hire and commercial vehicles. Includes 12 months of tracking data and only £40 per year thereafter. Sim card not replacable in this model.