Clocking in Machine

Clocking in Machine


Our TM-100 Clocking in Machine features a compact design and is ideal for the office, shop, workplace, restaurants, Pubs, Bistro’s, food outlets and small Businesses requiring accurate cost effective management of employees time and attendance.

SKU: TM-100
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If you are looking for a cost effective management of your business’s employees’ time and attendance, then this TM-100 Clocking Machine is the right thing for you. Featuring a sleek design, this machine is ideal for any small office, restaurant, shop, pub, bistro, food outlet and any other small business.

Provided with various features made for your convenience, this device is going to help you keep an accurate attendance report depending on your specific needs.

This clocking in machine can be set for weekly or monthly time cards and its LCD display shows the time, date and weekday. With this machine, you don’t need to worry about power failure, as it is provided with Lithium battery which is ready to retain program data for up to 3 years.

  • Large LCD display shows time, date and day.
  • Choice of weekly or monthly time cards.
  • Perpetual calendar automatically adjusts for short months and leap year.
  • Back-up battery ensures operation during power failure.
  • Lithium battery retains program data during power failure up to 3 years.
  • Auto detection of correct time card side
  • Auto feed and auto eject of time card
  • Two-color *Black/Red
  • Auto shift column *24 settings
  • Musical alarm *24 settings
  • External bell socket *Optional
  • Auto adjustment for daylight saving time function
  • Programmable hour display and print (12/24 hours)