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Fingerprint Clocking System

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The TM-500 is a portable, user-friendly fingerprint attendance machine suitable for small and mid-size companies. You will be pleasantly surprised by the simple operation and easy of use. No more troublesome installation of software, simply connect a USB Memory stick when you wish to upload or download the employee attendance data.

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It is now easier for you to keep up to date with your staff and employees’ attendance data with this TM-500 Fingerprint machine. Thanks to its sleek design, this system is portable and user-friendly making it the right choice for any small or mid-sized company. Easy to install and operate, simply connect a USM memory stick when you need to upload or download data from the device.

The TM-500 Fingerprint system will operate for up to 18 hours and comes with various features for your convenience, including four different reports with basic data, attendance and absence records and summary reports for all employees, which come fully calculated in an Excel compatible spreadsheet. This machine can operate for 18 hours and it comes with various features, for your convenience.


  • Data exchange via USB; Fully calculated EXCEL compatible spreadsheets
  • Optional recognition settings: fingerprint, fingerprint + job number or job number + password;
  • 32-bit dedicated high speed and low power consumption processor
  • T9 input method; You can enter employee names directly in the attendance machine
  • Optical fingerprint collection device enclosed to be splash and dust proof
  • Professional fingerprint algorithm; outstanding fingerprint recognition ability

Four Reports:

  1. Basic data of all staff
  2. Attendance records of each employee (for one month)
  3. Absence records (for all staff)
  4. Summary reports. (for payroll)


  • Fingerprint capacity: 1024
  • Record capacity: 64000
  • Password capacity: 1024
  • Access mode: Fingerprint/Fingerprint+ Pin Code + Password
  • No software needed. Simply download via USB
  • Privilege management (Optional): Administrator, Superuser, User
  • Memory disk function: Upload employee names from spreadsheet for easy enrollment or backup
  • Communication: USB Memory Stick
  • Warning tone: Tone for incidents/error
  • LCD display: 4 lines*10 words, 67 x 32 pixels
  • Language: English
  • Scanning time: ≤1s
  • FRR (False rejection rate): ≤1%
  • FAR (False acceptance rate): ≤0.0001%
  • Power supply: USB Power Adapter DC 5V 1A
  • Administrators: 10
  • Back-up battery


  • TM-500 Fingerprint Terminal
  • USB Memory Stick
  • 1 Metre USB Power Lead
  • Power Supply
  • Instruction Manual

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