Take-a-Ticket Queue System

Take-a-Ticket Queue System


Our Complete Take-a-Ticket Queue System Kit is easy to install and making it one of quickest and most cost effective queue management solutions.

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Your business can be flourishing, if you use cost-effective management solutions for it, such as this Take-a-Ticket Queue System is. This unit is ready to help your business by offering the opportunity to significantly speed up the working procedures within your working place. Provided with a wide range of helpful features, this unit enables you to easily install it. Thanks to its functions, this system is perfect for large working areas, such as supermarkets.

Various options are available within this machine and you can use them to set it in a manner that is most suitable for your needs. Some of the features that you will find helpful include the remote control coding system, resetting, recall, backwards, fast forward function, automatic turning off, acoustic announcer and voice module.

The following items are also available for use with the MINI POINT queuing system:

  • Tear-off ticket dispensers (available in red, yellow, green, blue, white and black colour)
  • 20,000 ticket package numbered between 0 and 99 (10 rolls)
  • Floor stand for ticket dispensers, consisting of a cast iron pyramid shaped base (36x36x5 cm) and an upright (130 cm), both in black. Mounting accessories included.
  • Indicator sign

Similar to the RD90, RD90RF and EasyTurn.